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Workshops & Customized Corporate Programs

Group workshops and tailored corporate programs in partnership with Language of Happiness

Week 1 - Intro to Positive Transformation

We will introduce Positive Psychology and will illustrate how it changes the way we look our life, relationships, parenting, success, health and self-esteem. We will get a true understanding of the relationship between happiness and success. We will also discuss the importance of gratitude and benefit finding and the affect on our overall success, happiness and wellbeing.

Week 2 - What is Happiness?

We will share the theory and practice of leading a happy life, one that combine positive emotions and a sense of purpose. Topics will include: finding flow, purpose, stress and procrastination and more.

Week 3 - Limiting Beliefs

We will learn why most dreams remain unrealized. We will talk about different types of limiting beliefs, how they become self-fulfilling prophecies and hold us back from realizing our dreams. We will also uncover our true values and how they influence us.

Week 4 - Identify Your Unique Strengths

We will learn about the importance of focusing and identifying your personal strengths, setting self-concordant goals – goals that are aligned with your passion and values. We will also talk about the significant role of failure on the path toward success and happiness.

Week 5 - Neuroplasticity - Change your Brain; Change your Life

We will learn about Neuroplasticity, and how we can change our brain for a positive life change. We will discuss why most change-efforts have a temporary short-lasted effect only. We will then explore the nature of change and how neuroplasticity can help us bring about personal and professional change that lasts.

Week 6 - Create Your Plan. Make it Happen!

In this class we will bring it all together. We will combine all the tools we have learned and create a personal plan for a better happier future!

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